What a difference a day makes!

The past 48 hours here in Denver have been ridiculous – Tom Skilling would certainly have his work cut out for him!  We went from 78 degrees and sunny one day to the 10th worst blizzard in Denver history the next. Since we’ve moved here from Chicago, people have told me repeatedly about how crazy Denver weather is, but this is certainly the biggest extremes I’ve experienced!

This was the weather on Tuesday:


You can’t tell, but it was 78 degrees! Very windy, but the warm weather made up for it. I did an easy six miles + 4 strides around Wash Park wearing a tank top and leggings:


I ran at noon and since I was out for around an hour, the 78 degree and sunny weather = sunburn, even in March! By night I was putting aloe vera on my shoulders and chest. I need to get smarter about sunscreen no matter what time of year.. I remember when we first moved here, I would constantly be without sunglasses and it would actually be painful on my eyes. I’ve since accumulated about 10+ pairs, which are all scattered throughout the house and car (you never know when you might need a pair!) – Danny is not impressed.

Anyways, this was outside less than 24 hours later:

FullSizeRender 10

Beer for scale. Avalanche may or may not have been chosen on purpose.

We ended up with 16 inches of snow! I’ve experienced blizzards before (snowpocalypse, chi-beria, Chicago has its fair share of snow storms) but I think what I can’t get over is how quickly the weather changed. To go from 78 degrees to 16 inches of snow in 24 hours..it’s incredible. Also, the forecasters were calling for only 4-6 inches of snow in the Denver metro area, so their surprisingly bad prediction I think also played into my amazement.

Wednesday was one of my “quality” run days, so even with the snow, I didn’t want to miss it. The snow stopped around 4:30pm and so rather than pushing the run till Thursday, I braved the roads and headed to Movement to hop on one of the treadmills. It was actually incredible – the roads were pretty much empty, and there were abandoned cars in various positions all along my drive. It had a very post-apocalyptic feel to it. The roads, though, were clear of snow, so I felt fine on my drive. When I got to Movement, it was surprisingly crowded! I guess everyone figured with the snow day, what better place to go than climbing?

FullSizeRender 11

So, this was my view for my 9 mile workout – the climbing gym. I did 2 miles warm up, 3 x 2 miles at 7:45-7:55 pace with 3 minutes rest, 1 mile cool down.  Miles 3-4 were rough; all I had eaten during the day was half a pan of brownies (snow day diet) and I felt like my legs were lead. Miles 5-6 definitely felt the best; by 7-8 I was telling myself just not to give up! I think this training plan is going to be as much mental for me as it is physical. Between sticking with the plan as well as sticking with the individual workouts, I have my work cut out for me.


Looking forward to crossing out the rest of the week! This weekend will be a rough one to get the runs in; we are headed into the mountains for Easter break (Danny has Friday off) for a few days of snowboarding! With all the snow we’ve gotten, it should be amazeballs.

Happy Easter!

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