Training – Week 1

This week marked the start of half marathon training! I’ve never actually trained for a half marathon before – I’ve only ever run them while training for a full marathon, and I would run a half marathon that happened to fall on a Saturday long run day. To be honest, I always thought, “what’s the point?” when it came to training for half marathons because of that reason. But looking at the training program I am following (one I found online – an Ironman Half Marathon  “Advanced sub 1:45”) – it’s definitely a bit more intense than my marathon training. I picked it for a few reasons:

  • It was an advanced, sub 1:45 program
  • It was free

Okay, mostly because it was free. I googled “sub 1:45 half marathon training” and this link came up. I like that it tells me exactly the times I should be running. I know that I can figure out my own paces by looking at charts to tell me my 5k, 10k, marathon, etc paces but sometimes when I go by those I just don’t push myself hard enough. I’ll take it easy on myself because…it’s easier.

My first week of training:

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.10.00 AM

Since it’s Friday, technically I’m only halfway through, but I figure since I got the hard workouts out of the way – Tuesday and Thursday – it’s smooth sailing ahead! Actually, the most difficult part of this week is going to be finding time and energy on Saturday and Sunday to run – we are going up to the mountains to go snowboarding, since Colorado has gotten a few inches of fresh powder in the past week.  Since ski season is almost over, we need to get the most out of our passes! I will likely end up running in the evenings after skiing on both Saturday and Sunday…joy.

Tuesday’s run this week was not bad at all. Since it’s the first week, I figure they are easing you into speedwork. The pace for the 400 repeats was relatively slow, and I only started to get tired during the last 2 quarters. Thursday’s workout was also not as intense as I thought, but mentally, it was rough! I have never run a workout like that where I didn’t take breaks – even in my own form of speedwork, I would run a 7-730 mile and then walk for a quarter, then repeat, maybe 3 times total. So running 5 miles straight (after a 2 mile warmup!) was new to me, and I am happy to say I got through it!

Again, it’s only week one, so we’ll see where the rest of the week will take me…

As an aside, I’ve been looking forward to running outside now that it’s warmer, but yesterday the snow kept me from doing 8 miles outside. Instead, I ran at Movement Climbing + Fitness near downtown Denver. I don’t have a gym membership, but I did have a free month pass here from Christmas and so I figured..they have treadmills? It was interesting going to a climbing gym just to use their treadmills. I used to climb all the time back at Brooklyn Boulders in Chicago, so I definitely miss it. It’s fun to watch the climbers while you’re running, though – they have a window looking out right onto the climbing gym; sometimes you’re even eye to eye with the climbers! Kind of a cool treat and keeps you mildly entertained while chugging miles away on the mill.

Oh! And I ended up doing a ClassPass trial for 2 weeks. Since I have the Movement membership for a month, though, I don’t think I’m going to stick with ClassPass. The classes I took were great, but driving to them kind of blows – nothing is close. I might end up going back to it once my Movement month is up, but then I also think that I’d like to just spend the money on a climbing gym instead. I miss the nights that we’d go to Brooklyn and climb, not to mention the way it builds your back and arm muscles! Also, the classes I did end up taking with ClassPass were great, but I also worried about pushing myself too hard when my focus should be on running. I think I’d get carried away with these intense, bootcamp style classes too many days a week and wreck my legs.

So for now, half marathon training with my Ironman program and climbing gym it is. Of course, give me 2 weeks, and my mind could totally change!

Time to enjoy the snow out in here in CO! I’m writing from our living room and every so often I see out the window a huge pile of snow falling off our roof. And Addie is asleep, snoring next to me, after our mile “walk” this morning (which really consisted of me dropping the leash and letting her go crazy in the park).


Have a great weekend!

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