Taking a time out

This past weekend, I was supposed to run 6 miles easy, 8 tempo miles, and a 14 mile long run.

I did none of it.

Instead, I spent the weekend with some girlfriends in Utah and we snowboarded, ‘hiked’, explored, and ate and ate and ate. I woke up each morning with the short, nagging thought of “I should go for a run” but… that thought quickly went away. And no guilt remained. Sometimes, you just need a break.

We all got in Thursday night and after a quick dinner in downtown Salt Lake City, we headed to Park City to the AirBnB we were staying in for the weekend. After checking in, we headed to find a liquor store to grab some champagne, only to find out that after 10pm, all liquor stores (which are… rare) are closed. Utah law. We would come to find that Utah law would win over us multiple times during our trip…

On Friday, we went snowboarding at Park City, which was fun – extremely empty and the snow was like sugar butter (you know when you’re making cookie dough, and you have to cream the butter and sugar together? exactly like that). I actually love spring snow like this, mostly because I hate going fast and it really, really slows you down, so I was having a great time. The mountain was fun to explore as I had never been there before (actually, none of us had) and after a few hours of boarding we headed to the base to apres ski. We got a pitcher of beer from a local place and found out that beers on draught in Utah are less alcohol (I think max of 4.0% ABV). The only way to get a full strength beer at a bar or restaurant was to order it in a bottle.


So, after a refreshing pitcher of beer that went down a bit too quickly, we decided to make the trek back to the townhouse we were staying in. We got as far as the next restaurant over, because it was sunny and we were hungry and maybe a bottle of beer this time would be better. Apres Ski, man. It gets you!

Probably the biggest workout of the trip took place when we attempted to walk back the 0.8 miles from the resort to the townhouse. I will say it was all uphill, we were still in full snowboard gear, and we were carrying our boards – not a great combination. Luckily, about half way into our walk, the ski bus drove along side of us and we hopped on as quick as we could. Thank you, ski bus, for rescuing us.

Saturday was a super fun adventure day – I feel like I should write that as ~~*SuPER FuN adVEntuRE daY!*!~~* because it sounds so gawdy. But really, it was!

We first drove out to the great salt lake to check it off the See America (TM) bucket list – it was smelly and salty and exactly what you’d expect, however, the pictures! The pictures make it look like paradise (on the west coast! talking bout fruit and fields as far as the eye can see…)! Just take a look:

Then we headed to a hot spring we had googled, about an hour south of SLC. It was great! When we first got there, we head the whole watering hole to ourself. It was the perfect temperature for hot tubbing, and was secluded with these high grass reeds and then Utah Lake/the mountains as the backdrop. We spent about an hour in the water, and would have easily stayed longer had we thought ahead and brought food + beer.

Our next stop on the trip was unplanned but was a definite stop once we spotted it in the distance: In N Out.

After a burger + shake break, we finally made it back to Park City, where we explored the town and got dinner, then headed back to the hot tub. The next day, we went into SLC before our flights and got brunch as well as a tour of Temple Square.

Utah – pretty incredible! Definitely exceeded my expectations, that’s for sure!

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