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I run. This is not a surprise to anyone. And running, by default, is my main method of fitness. But, it’s not my only method of fitness, because I want to make sure that I keep a strong core, strong hips, strong legs, strong feet, and also I don’t want to end up with the “runner’s physique” of big, bulky legs but skinny arms. You know the type:


So, I try to do exercises on the side to keep me in total body shape. And actually, if I take a look at my history, I tend to get hooked on something for a while before moving on and dropping it almost totally. Running is my only consistency.

For example – I used to have a membership to CorePower Yoga. I would go 4-5 times a week, and took a variety of classes there. The HPF classes would feel great after a long run, and the Yoga Sculpt classes kept my arms from looking like noodles. But, I grew tired of constantly having to shower immediately after going there, and also there were times where I just didn’t want the heat- even their basic class has the room heated to 80+ degrees. So, I quit my membership, but will still try to do yoga classes a) when they’re free or b) through online videos.

Most recently I joined a barre studio near our old place. I had done barre in the past – a lot before our wedding – and it really did work to tone and sculpt. It also helped work out those muscles in my hips and glutes that needed to be stronger – something that I figured would aid my running in the long term. Since we moved, though, I stopped the membership because I knew one of the main reasons I was going was because it was literally a block away. It’s amazing what distance will do to your motivation!

Since we are now *in the suburbs* (how many times do I have to write that? You’d think I was in Siberia or something) there isn’t anything within walking distance that I would go to. And, I know from experience that while I can tell myself that I will do online barre or yoga videos, I just won’t. I will always find an excuse. One of them being that whenever I try to do yoga, Addie will always find a way to get in my way!

Paying for a membership somewhere will keep me accountable – my parents raised me to value the dollar, and so you can bet if I am paying for something, I will get my money’s worth. At CorePower, the membership was $130 a month – I would always do the calculation in my head to see how much each class cost me – therefore I would go as much as possible to make that cost as small as possible!

So, I am thinking of doing ClassPass. I did in Chicago for a while, but because I was traveling so much for work, I couldn’t take advantage of it enough to justify the cost in my head. But here in Denver, it may be worthwhile, especially since I have to drive to different parts of the city for school – I can do classes all over because I’ll be all over for work anyway.  Plus, then I can take a variety of classes – barre, yoga, and even some HIIT classes that will hopefully help my speed.
All I know is that I have to do something – yoga with Addie is definitely more frustrating than calming!

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