Rest Days are the Best Days

slightly diverted from my training schedule this week. Since I had pushed my long run from Sunday to Monday, I lost the rest day that I would have gotten after the long run…and I definitely felt it this week.

I did 12 miles on Monday since I didn’t feel up for the 14 mile with 3 tempo miles mixed in – 12 long, slow miles is much easier on both the body and the mind. I don’t know if I was actually physically more tired from the snowboarding or if it was all in my head, but I couldn’t stomach the idea of doing that run. Whatever, it’s done, moving ON!

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 7.20.50 AM

My mileage for the week then looked like this:

Monday: 12 miles easy

Tuesday: 2 mile w/u, 5 miles @ 730 pace with 1 min rest after each mile, 1 mile c/d (which was HARD)

Wednesday: 7 miles easy

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 2 mile w/u, 5 miles @ 805 pace, 1 mile c/d

Saturday: 6 miles easy + 4 strides

The image doesn’t match what I did – I attempted to edit it but I realize now I did it totally backwards. Anyways, I switched my off days again – instead of taking a rest day on Friday, I pushed it to Thursday, because after my runs on Tuesday and Wednesday kicked my booty, I knew I needed a break.

One way I can tell that I’m really tired is how much I sweat – is that weird? On a normal run, if it’s something I can handle, I’ll sweat according to the temperature outside and that’s pretty much it. On Tuesday I was sweating buckets – it felt like I was running in a sauna. I was disgusting! I chalked it up to the temperature in the room I was in + wearing too much clothing, but Wednesday during my “easy” run, I was sweating just as much – and this time I was outside in 50 degree weather. It was also super, super hard to maintain a 945 pace. I was done.

So, rest day! I took a much needed rest day on Thursday and didn’t do anything. I ate 2 sweet potatoes worth of sweet potato fries and a bunch of ice cream, and it was glorious.

When I got back at it on Friday, the 8 mile run was a piece of cake (piece of caking meaning = it was still hard, but it was comfortable-hard, not hard-hard like Tuesday & Wednesday were). Honestly, what a difference a rest day makes!

So today I did a 6 mile run with strides and now we’re headed off to Winter Park to do their Winter Park Wipe Out event. It looks like it will be more of a scavenger hunt than a running race, which I’m thankful for – hopefully there is tubing involved (and beer)!

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