New Roots, New Routes

One of my favorite things about moving to a new place is the chance to find new running routes. I am certainly an animal of routine whether I like to admit it or not – when we lived downtown, I had my 3 mile route, my 4-6 mile route, and my 9+ mile route – each one a different direction. There were times when I wanted to run 6 miles but didn’t want to run to City Park, so instead of .. you know, just running a different direction, I would run on the treadmill.

Now, though, the treadmill is no longer an option! Since we moved to the suburbs, I don’t have a gym in the downstairs of our residence (we also aren’t paying the extreme rent to support that, but that’s another story). So, today, I went out for a run, only expecting to do 4-5 miles. But I was missing my watch (lost in the shuffle of packing) and so I had no way to judge my distance. I also found, within a half mile of our new house, a trail! I love trails. This one is along a creek and goes for miles and miles in each direction. I headed west, towards, the mountains, and end up going for about 10 miles – since I was doing an out-and-back, I probably should have turned around earlier, but each time I hit an intersection or underpass, I convinced myself to keep going.

So, my Sunday long run turned into a Saturday long run. Because I didn’t have a watch, when I got back home and checked the mileage on gmap pedometer and paced myself, I ended up running at an 8:36 pace. Which, for me, is great! But not necessarily what I want for a long run.

I think that the excitement of a new path, a new route, and mountains in my view kept me motivated to keep going – also, the suburban drivers who STOP AT EVERY INTERSECTION TO LET ME RUN PAST (what! never happens in the city!) was also encouraging. Hopefully this rhythm keeps up!

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