Long Runs

Today marked the first long run of my training: 12 miles at a 9:05-10:10 pace. To be honest, I didn’t get the craziness of this until later on in the day when I was having a beer at a nearby brewery with some friends: I mentioned I had to do a 12 mile run this morning for the half marathon I was training for. They asked when the half marathon was, and when I said “June,” they were like, “I’d say you’re already there…” It’s certainly different training for speed!


This was my track this morning. I ran 12 miles along a trail that was partly covered in snow. Here in Denver, we had 6 inches of snow on Friday and Saturday – I did my six miles on Saturday on the treadmill after spending the earlier part of the day snowboarding at A-Basin. Today, the forecast was calling for 53 degrees, so I kept waiting and waiting for it to get that warm so I could run with less layers. By 11am, it was still only 39 degrees, so I said screw it and went for it.


My outfit consisted of Athleta Power Lift tights (these are fleece-lined and super warm), my only-for-cold-weather Lululemon down vest with rulu sleeves (SUPER warm), 2 earbands (my ears are so sensitive that any temperature under 60 degrees, I need to have them covered), and gloves. I debated on wool socks but luckily talked myself out of them.

What was I thinking!?

First of all, I run cold. I am constantly cold. However, running is the one place where I have control over the weather. Typically, I see 40 degrees and I think shorts + long sleeves! For some reason, this morning, I just couldn’t get over the mental hurdle of the snow that we had yesterday. It was messing with my mind and my body just refused to feel warm.

So, I went out in my super-warm layers and not surprisingly, within a HALF MILE, I knew I was too warm. I unzipped my armpit vents, took off my gloves, and lost a earbands (kept one on; let’s not get too crazy).  I should have just turned around and changed my outfit completely, but I was out and going and didn’t want to. I did six miles out and six miles back, and took it slow and easy. My pace ended up being a 9:28 according to my Garmin, which I’m perfectly happy with. I was more happy with the views on my run, though:

LongRun4 LongRun3

Colorado weather is just crazy and also fantastic at the same time. We had 6 inches of snow but it’s already melting; it’s supposed to be in the 70s tomorrow so in 24 hours it’ll all be gone! After my run, I mentioned earlier that I went to a brewery with some friends – we sat outside and it was glorious! That 53 degree temperature that I was waiting for? Yeah, by 3pm it was 67 degrees. I have to laugh at myself for my outfit this morning – totally inappropriate – I should know better!

Best part of the day? After running 12 miles, I was absolutely famished, and I had talked to my mom earlier in the week about Easter. Since we won’t be in town this year, she was telling me the Easter menu (even though it stays the same every year): ham, polish sausage, potatoes, sauerkraut, and pierogis. I love pierogis. And since they were on my mind, and I knew I wouldn’t be getting them on Easter Sunday, I was determined to find them so I could gorge myself on their sweet cheese and doughy deliciousness after my run.

So imagine my thrill when I found a fast-food style Polish restaurant with in mere miles of our house?! This place sells frozen pierogis by the dozen, and they have the exact flavors I want – sweet cheese, sauerkraut, and Danny’s favorite: the ambiguous “meat”. I bought 6 dozen (why not?) and went home and cooked 2 dozen of them for dinner that night…then made an extra half dozen of the sweet cheese for my dessert. Pierogis: the only food I know to be both dinner and dessert (well, that’s not true. Ice cream usually fits that category just fine)!


I was also lucky, too, to have a quart of my mom’s sauerkraut to heat up to eat with the pierogis. My mom makes the best sauerkraut, and so every holiday that she makes it, she also cooks up an extra couple quarts and freezes them for me. Each time they’ve been out here, they’ve brought frozen sauerkraut with them. Yes, I am the baby of the family…

Guess how many days this week we’ll be having pierogis for dinner? Danny will be thrilled….

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