Cross Training: Lagree Method Fitness

Lagree Fitness. It sounds harmless…or it sounds confusing. What does it mean?

It means WORKOUT FROM HELL. It’s Pilates on crack. It’s intense-shaking intense. It’s a total body crusher. You leave class feeling like you are tight TIGHT TIGHT (please click that link and watch that video. You will not regret it).

I decided to go with a classpass membership to supplement my running. What sold me on it was during my trial weeks, I went to a bunch of “lagree fitness” style classes – which is a style of Pilates done a machine called a Megareformer. It’s actually a class style I’ve taken before, back in Chicago, when I was trying to get toned up for my wedding. I loved it because it was a low-intensity cardio style class, but still a hard, heavy workout. Sometimes you don’t feel like doing burpees or squat jumps but you still want something more intense than a barre class.

Lagree fitness is perfect for that. I’ve taken classes at two different studios: Fierce45, here in Denver, and BocoFit, up in Boulder. Both studios follow a similar method for classes: 45-50 minutes, total body, sl-o-o-o-w movements but short-lived. Meaning, you spend 2 minutes in one move, 1 minute in another, quickly moving from position to position, but going through the actual movement as slow as possible.

It kicks your butt. It always amazes me how much I sweat in the class – literally, dripping from me – even though you’re not doing the typical type of movement that you think would warrant that sweat (read: cardio). In fact, if you do research on the method, it actually is a type of cardio, or so they say. And apparently you leave class with a higher metabolism for 24-48 hours afterward (something you typically get with HIIT-style workouts).

For me, the workout works, and it works fast. I have done 5 of these classes in the past few weeks and I have visible ab and oblique lines on my stomach. 3 months of barre classes didn’t do that, and I worked out my core every day almost! It’s incredible and my only drawback is that it’s so expensive for actual individual classes or a monthly membership – I’m stuck to the limited classes I get on my classpass, but you can bet I’ll be using up all of them!

Totally recommend it for runners, too. I hate doing lunges, core work, butt work, etc but I know that strengthening these muscles is important in maintaining a healthy, injury-free body. So, if I can do a class that kicks my butt but leaves me feeling accomplished, like the past hour actually had an effect, than I’ll do it.

Just don’t do it on your rest day. It kind of cancels it out. I recommend doing it on your quality/hard run day, so that your body gets that rest the next day with an easy run or an actual rest: keep all the hard stuff together, so that your rest days or easy days are actually restful and/or easy.

Can’t wait for my next class!


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