Time to get serious

At the end of the month (read: 2 days from now), Danny and I are moving to Arvada (read: the suburbs). When we first moved to Denver a year ago, we picked to live downtown because it was our closest comparison to the life we were leaving in Chicago – a walkable area with bars, shops, and work close by. I was able to bike to work each day (this is not that impressive. It was only a mile) and we found walkable restaurants that would become our go-tos for nachos. Because, really, that’s what’s important to me in picking out a location: are there good nachos nearby?

What we realized, though, is that the price we pay for rent is more than we would like to, and that the views of the mountains that originally sold us are actually a lot better the more west you go. Plus, since we got Addie, it became more important to have a place for her to run and, more importantly, go to the bathroom without having to ride down an elevator seven floors at 6:30am on a Saturday. Also, the excessive honking of cars and drunk people biking by on pedal taverns got old, fast. Actually, what more than likely happened, is that we got old.

So, we’re moving to the suburbs! We found a cute little townhome in Arvada that has a fenced in backyard for the pup, 2 glorious bathrooms, and is only 3 blocks away from Costco. See what I mean? Suburbia heaven.

In celebration of this move, I was googling around earlier and saw a half marathon that takes place in Arvada at the beginning of June, theĀ Park to Park Half Marathon. Since I signed up so early (I never sign up this early for races!) it was only 40$, plus a coupon code from my race team knocked it down another $5. I signed up without hesitation, but only started thinking about it a few hours ago. My goal this fall is to qualify for Boston in the Chicago Marathon (never mind that the Chicago Marathon is a lottery now, and I don’t even know if I’ll get in), and without doing any research I’d say that means about a 3:30-ish marathon time. Meaning, I probably shouldn’t be running a 2:05 half. I think my actual chipped time best half marathon is a 2:03, but when I ran Chicago last year I did the first half in 1:52. Basically, I think I need to push myself harder to realize that I can run faster – I think it’s my mind holding my body back. So, my goal for this half will be a sub-1:45, and if I could get a 3 as the middle number – that would be incredible! I have 92 days to prepare and train (so says the website).

Right now, I’m consistently running about ~35 miles a week, but they’re mostly ‘junk’ miles. I do a speed workout once a week and the rest is long, slow miles with a few quick miles thrown in on the days that I’m feeling good. What I need to do is get more serious about an actual training plan, complete with time. All my training plans in the past have just been “do this mileage” and I realize that I need something that keeps me more accountable – “do this mileage at this pace, you lazy bum.”

Hence where this blog comes in – I’ll be posting about my training along the way (I’ll start mid-March) and hopefully seeing the results and progression will build up my confidence and maybe, just maybe, that 1:3x:xx time won’t be so scary after all!

Because right now, it’s scary… scarier than moving to the suburbs!

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