Where have I been?

Well, I’ve been running, that’s for sure!

Trail Running with Addie at Mt. Galbraith

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Running in Mile High Stadium for the Colfax Urban 10 miler

Trail run view from the Grubstake Loop Trail

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New shoes! Hint: they are for trail running 🙂 (catch the theme yet?)

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Taking a much needed break along the Apex trail

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And since all my pictures so far have been on trails.. this one is definitely why!

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(not a trail run) just a hike up Table Mountain with Addie at sunset


See, I’ve been here, just not here. I’m going to start posting more but it may be more pictures than anything else – I’ve started taking my phone on runs with me (you’re welcome danny) – and I realized that my aversion to posting on this blog more is because I don’t know what to say! So let’s go with a picture is worth a thousand words, mmhmm…

I’ve been running a lot. I’m trying to build a base of 50-60 miles a week leading up to marathon training, which I won’t start until mid-July, mainly because I am waiting to start until after our trip to Peru. That’s not to say I’m taking it easy – My 12 week training schedule will have me running 16 miles on the first long run Saturday, so it’s pretty much dependent on maintaining a base over the next month or so.

The reason I am running so much? Well, I’m setting a goal to actually race the Chicago Marathon – my goal is the generic (but still difficult!) plan to qualify for Boston! For my sex and age group, that means (if it doesn’t change..) running a 3:38:00, or about a 8:12 pace. For comparison, my last marathon was a 3:55:14 at a 8:58 pace. So… I have a ways to go. BUT, last year, I ran only 20-30 miles a week leading up to the marathon, and I used a run-walk strategy throughout my training season. So this year, I’m doing a much more aggressive plan, with more focus on the midweek tempo & speed workouts, not just focusing on the long run. And, more than anything, I am running more – over double what I did last year!

I have a few half marathons coming up (June 4 & June 11) and I am hoping in one of them to get a good half marathon time so that I can get upgraded to a better corral in Chicago. I don’t currently have a good half marathon time (my best time would be from the marathon last year; my first half was a 1:52, but that doesn’t count) ((I think my best recorded half is a 2:05, which..is not good. But it is old)). One is right in our town, only a few blocks away, and the other is a downhill one starting at 10k elevation (and ending around…6k?). I always thought downhill races were cheating, and while I still do, I guess that means I’m not exactly above that if it means putting me in a better corral! Hopefully I’ll get what I need in the first half marathon but if not, I registered for the downhill as a backup.

In the mean time, I’m running, and since the weather is nicer, I’ve started trail running! I’m not particular good at yet, but I realized that I should be taking advantage of the mountains that are literally right out the door – why would I want to pound pavement over and over again when I could be struggling to breath climbing a 10% incline?! I’m trying to do 1-2 runs a week on the trails, so that I still train my body the majority of the time on flat concrete (like the Chicago marathon course) but I get extra altitude and hill and muscle work on the trails. Plus, it’s beautiful!

Will try to post updates more regularly! Especially once marathon training starts – I want to record my training to 26.2!

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